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Work, Rest and Play.....and Delhi Belly

Our last week or two in Nepal...

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So the first travelling month has been and gone, our last few days in Nepal are slowly coming to an end and Thailand is just around the corner....actually its tomorrow.

Just a couple of rest days...

After the trek we thought it would be lovely to have just a couple of rest days before our visiting began, our legs had seized up and our bodies were screaming and cursing us for the last 20 days. So we thought we would just chill. Little did we know what was in store for us after the "amazing waffle" (Picture on previous blog) Something I am never 'treating' myself to again.

The inevitable Delhi Belly arrived, bed ridden for a day or so sweating it out and thinking of the worst things that it could possibly be, I can say that it wasn't very pleasant and for poor Brett to actually watch and not be able to do anything but bring me boiled potatoes and clean the sick bucket. They say every experience is a good experience....Perhaps not in this case.

The following day unfortunately Brett developed tell tail signs of the same bug, we managed to drag ourselves out and buy antibiotics at a pharmacy hut which we were to take for 5 days, our couple of days chilling were not quite what we had in mind! Still we managed a slow walk to Damside and had a fairly 'human feeling' day. Whatever the tablets were they seemed to be working so we could actually continue on as normal.

Orphanage Visits

The next few days were filled with visiting friends made from our previous visits and visiting the Namaste family (NCH). On the Thursday we met up with Surendra baai, he is working at a paragliding company and we were so pleased to see how well he was doing, a couple more years and he will become a pilot in Paragliding!! That afternoon Surendra baai took us to an Orphanage that John Riley had said to visit, it was a beautiful homely orphanage housing just 12 children. However the children were not there as it is currently 'Chhutti' at the moment (Holiday) and they get sent home to visit their relatives in their villages. It was a refreshing visit and lovely to see how the owner Manoj and his wife who are both volunteering, have been running and funding this home for 6 years.

The following day we visited the children at Namaste Children's house. It was lovely to see the children or for some teenagers again. We received a lovely reception and were surprised how many children remembered us as its been 3/4 years since our last visit. When we arrived we were surrounded by the children and they were shouting "whats my name, whats my name", surprisingly we remembered alot of the names but the look of disappointment on some of there little faces when their name just did not come into our heads.

Sadly Manju Didi (One of the mummies at NCH) has had Typhoid and was ill at home, however we spoke to her on the phone at which point she invited us to her home, which in Nepal is a great honour. So that evening we made our way to Manju Didi's home in Ranipauwa and eventually after some searching and asking the locals we found Manju Didi! (A phone may have been handy at this point) We spoke for hours catching up and we met her husband and 2 children, she showed us her wedding photos which were beautiful (she got married 4 months after us). We then had dinner (Dal Bhat) cooked by her husband and said our goodbyes and made our way back to Pokhara. It was so lovely to see Manju Didi again, hopefully she will fully recover soon!!


Spot of Paragliding...Don't mind if I do

Having been to Nepal a fair few times we have seen most sights numerous of times and have completed a few treks, but there was one thing that we have never done (Purely because of the money) and that was Paragliding. And since Surendra baai worked for one of the companies we thought why not! So on Saturday off we went up Sarankot hill in the jeep, higher and higher. When we reached the top we meet our pilot, we had a brief briefing and away we go.........We were literally flying with the birds, and I have to say although it was not an adrenaline rush it was one of the most exhilarating things I have done. The views were amazing from the height, you never realise the size of Pokhara until you get literally a birds eye view! Brett wants to look into training to become a pilot, which I do think is a fab idea however I will stick to just being the client he can glide around the world with, don't think I quite trust myself to have full control. Here are a couple of pictures:


Sad Goodbyes

We knew the time would come, and sadly we don't know the next time we will be coming back to Nepal and therefore the children we know may also be integrated back to their homes by this point, who knows what the future holds. So on Sunday we said our goodbyes which felt odd as we had only been there a few days and spent a short time with them but we always knew this would be the case with this visit. After wishing them all well with their final exam results and many hugs and kisses we left, happy to have seen everyone but a pang of sadness for leaving with no plans when to return.

In the afternoon we met up with John Bethell from the IOM, Krishna daai and Rabin baai (older child now 20yrs from NCH, John is his sponsor), had some lunch and caught up with them all. It was a beautiful afternoon and to finish our last day in Pokhara we had some dinner with Surendra baai and said our final goodbye!

What to do Kathmandu

On the Monday we caught the bus to KTM, it took 7 hours and was a fairly comfortable ride compared to ones we took 7 years ago. On arrival we managed to find a newly built/still building hotel for 400NPRs. The rooms had not even been slept in, the mattresses were proper mattresses not just foam and the pillows crisp and soft. The shower is like the shower from home. This was by far the best room we have stayed in so far!
That night we went to meet up with John again for a final get together before he flew the following day. We met at the Shangri-la hotel, well....it was rather an amazing hotel and did not even know these existed in Nepal. We had a lovely dinner with John and sat a chatted for a few hours before it was time to head back to our hotel. We said our goodbyes and headed home.

The next few days we have been chilling (again) and yes with chilling comes the inevitable Delhi Belly......again.......this time with Brett....I don't think he was fully recovered and the bug hadn't passed through before the end of the first lot of tablets. This time it was my turn to just not be able to do anything but watch and rush to another pharmacy for yet more antibiotics.Luckily he seems ok and was only bed ridden for an afternoon and night - it was a lovely hotel to be ill in! I did feel for him and its the first time i've seen him look so so ill. It makes me appreciate and feel very lucky that we both love travelling and can travel together rather than single travelling.

We also had the time to create our own 'sweat shop factory' in sandal making.....what do you do when the sandals you buy blister and cut your feet to pieces....but your current ones are ok on the straps but the sole is falling to pieces:


I think we would make great manufacturers! ha ha! Move over China!

We are now just getting ready to depart to Thailand on Friday, our Flight number is RA401 (In case you have flight tracker) Flying at 9am tomorrow morning! We are very excited as its a new country, new things and bizarre as we don't know any of the language unlike here we can generally understand the gist of things. Time will tell......

Our next blog will probably be when we arrive in Vietnam. We are looking to go to Thailand, perhaps go to a beach for a couple of days then make our way through Laos then to the North of Vietnam and travel down to the South to visit Hannah and JP. Can't wait for our next travels.....Until then we wish you well and hope you have enjoyed the read. Slightly longer than I expected! oops!

Just checked Bangkok weather......storms predicted - Beach option? who knows, maybe not :(

Take Care
Bethany x

A few pics of the last eventful week:


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